Soul Plan Overlay Reading

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Soul Plan Overlay Reading

The name you currently go by, if different from your birth name, is also of significance (i.e. marriage, or any other form of name change). This name can be read as an overlay energy revealing the dynamics that the energies have on your birth name.

Having a soul plan overlay reading is a great way to work through any relationship issues, to gain insights if you are considering a name change, or to learn the dynamics of a group (i.e. family members).

Soul Plan Overlay Reading can also be a great tool to use when selecting a name for your business. Soul Plan can look at the energetic foundations, abilities, and success of the business name and how it is aligned to your own soul’s purpose and goals. For established businesses, Soul Plan can be a great way gain a deeper understanding of your business and also the dynamics among colleagues.

A Soul Plan Overlay Reading is a separate reading that is usually done after an individual Soul Plan Reading. The session is shorter and can take up to 60 minutes. The price for the session is £60.00. To inquire further and book a session please follow link below.

* For relationships, a person’s soul plan can only be read or viewed with the permission of the individual, and a soul plan reading is booked first for the individual(s) before it is read for the couple or group (if a business).