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I channel spiritual energies into form to help others heal. I am a receiver and messenger of light codes and information; and I put my visions and healing into form through art and words. If what I create and write resonates, and it has helped you in some way, please consider supporting in the following ways:

Leave a Testimonial

Support by sharing your experience in a testimonial. Your healing can help others by providing your unique insights and perspective. We all see, feel, receive and heal in different ways and it is truly fascinating to learn the many ways healing energy communicates. If you would like to share how a painting or a session has helped you, submit your testimonial via the contact page. To read published testimonials please follow this link

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Show your support by following me on social media and/or sharing my paintings, stories, or healing therapies with your family, friends, and extended network.

Healing may happen overnight for some or it may unfold in the course of a few years or lifetime. Healing is not a neatly put together product that we hand over to each other with complete awareness and visibility. It can take time to unravel as we navigate layers of the unknown. It can take greater meaning and value as life unfolds and the healing integrates into your life.

It could be that after a year or two a few words or an image may take on a greater value than it did when you first read or saw it. Maybe it is continuously talking to you through time and space as you evolve and grow in consciousness. It certainly happens to me all the time.

Helping others in this way lights me up and it also helps me on my healing journey. The gift of awakening and remembering is humanity’s birthright.

In which ever way you can, your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you.